Thursday, October 5, 2006

" Run And Tell All Of The Angels, Every Things Gonna Be Alright. "

Run and tell all of the angels every things gonna be alright.

Every stupidity that can happen to a Empire, is happening. Don't worry Everyone, the predicted Stumble has occurred. This column is intended to detail each and every insane empiric policy direction I can see.

The reality is back, the G-8 paradigm, the North/South dialog thing and the Extra G-8 negotiation. The negotiation that sets the ground work for the real, the negotiated New World Order.

TALKING is in, weather one likes it or not.

At the same time, new democrat law makers, finding themselves replacing Old Pork-Barrelers in Congress next month should pass laws to DE-fang the shadow air force; and especially Naval Intelligence Black-Ops, evidenced in the Congressional Iran/Contra investigation(please try to find the TEXT online, I could not). Here is a round-up of what Global said in 1994. Walsh is the Independent Counsel assigned by Congress:

U.S. OPINION: WALSH REPORT ON IRAN-CONTRA (Roundup of newspaper columns) (1070) Columnists and other opinion-writers are commenting editorially on independent counsel Lawrence Walsh's final report on the "Iran-Contra" affair -- the covert plan in the mid-1980's (allegedly supported by the Reagan White House) to sell arms to Iran and divert the proceeds to the "contra" rebels in Nicaragua, assistance to whom had been banned by Congress. The Walsh report was released on January 18, 1994. Following are excerpts from some of those columns:


...Mr. Walsh's report...makes clear that (Reagan administration officials) did indeed have much to hide. Once and for all the Walsh report dispels the carefully cultivated mythology surrounding the scandal, which involved illegal sales of arms to Iran, diversion of funds from these sales to finance the Nicaraguan contras and a cover-up to conceal the entire affair.

...It sheds light on serious flaws in our system...which allowed a constitutional crisis to occur and which remain unresolved. The report notes, in particular, the inadequacy of the 1987 Congressional investigation....

The report sets the record straight on the major players in the scandal. -- On Ronald Reagan: The report contradicts the popular image of a disengaged President misled by those around him. Mr. Walsh's investigators conclude that Mr. Reagan "created the conditions which made possible the crimes committed by others in his Administration," and "permitted the creation of a false account of the Iran arms sales to be disseminated to members of Congress and the American people."

The Cuckolding of this shadow power should be future Presidents up most priority. The continuance of the republic is at stake; as Special Operations are now able to wag-the-dog, here at home.

Canadian democrat's should be taking a leadership role in a re-definition of NATO with a mind to this new functioning. We can spin with the best of them, in fact we invented the post modern version of it as I'm sure your all aware. Our government helped invent the management, theory and practice of advanced societal Macro-Engineering. Check out Marshall McLuhans work and where it leads: on the one hand, MITs open source Internet world and Stanford's social experiments and the Military funded McGill LSD trial. In 1940 Britain copied the entire Empire bureaucracy in Ottawa, we mirrored it in our own war production and post war economy. See C.D.Howe, 1945.

Afghanistan is the First Counter Insurgency NATO has ever done, we are GREENING our troops so that they can become the sergeants of the next, larger contingent of Canadian Forces, apparently fighting for American Peace; or is it for Empire?

We should have learned our lesson in WWI, Empire is Foley.

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