Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Our troops stand point for the Empire in Afghanistan, Is US Theater Command putting them at Risk?

War is like a conversation.

Canadian troops are engaged in rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan. We're cutting deals and developing grass roots intelligence. Sometimes out of the ditch crawls a fascist, he hits us and we hit him back. The situation remains neutral, we control the roads and trade or at least the enemy does not.

Then we get involved in a combined operation with Coalition Forces, and speaking on Our channel, in Our Command Region, they communicate a message with air power, and 70 civilians are dead (US numbers).

We are reminded of the friendly-fire incident last year, where in 4 soldiers died and many more were injured.

Canadian operations should focus on Combined Canadian Operations not integrated operations, where we try to mesh with another nations Military.

Its like going to a club, all dressed up - with a psycho. Things are going great, then buddy... ..we've all been there.

The Canadian government should negotiate a Canadian Air Command around Kandahar. We can talk for ourselves, and by the look of it, we need to.